Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The worst thing about old D&D...

I am starting to really like the Basic/Expert rules again, except for one thing... THAC0. This was also used, of course, in 1st and 2nd editions of AD&D.

The best thing, I think for players and DMs, that came from the d20 systems was the armor class / base attack / to hit rules. The basic ones. Your naked AC is 10, +/- your dex mod, + your armor's bonus. Instead of each class hitting 0 on a different chart, you improve your base attack bonus differently; fighters progress quickly, wizards slowly (if at all!). For DMs, it keeps you from doing too much math, "Your THAC0 is 19, and its AC is 3, so you hit on a..."

I would be interested in maybe playing Basic rules, either as a way to introduce my WoW coworkers to D&D, or maybe online in some fashion, but I would have to have a d20-style to-hit rule. Armor would be easy to modify. Plate is AC 3 (IIRC), so its d20 bonus is +7 (10 - AC value). Creating the base attack rules might not be too bad, but would take some thinking...

Maybe I'll make some charts up and post to my website?

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