Saturday, October 4, 2008

Am I Falling Into an Old Trap?

I gave up comic books a few years ago. I was always drawn in by covers, but the stories were often bad. I picked up a few Thursday when I went back to my old hometown of Raleigh. Maybe the hot chick aspect of the covers has a bit to do with it? Here's what I picked up. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

I had to get Savage Tales, being an old Red Sonja & Conan fan (some of you may have seen my old (OLD) Red Sonja site. This particular issue had no She-Devil action, but I wanted to give it a try. Not a bad comic. Four stories. Serials. One of the things I loved about old Marvel Red Sonja and Conan was that there was no real serialization. You could pick up nearly any issue and it would be a complete story. Like the magazine-sized books this one copies, the serials go on a few issues, but is not the interminable sagas of most modern-time based comics.

Tarot was one I used to read regularly. I love Jim Balent's art. The stories were always interesting, and Balent was in complete control of the thing. I was just happy it stayed in production for 52 issues. It has gotten a bit racier than I remember. Well, actually, a lot racier. Click on image below for unexpurgated scan.

As for Vampi. Haven't read the comic yet. The art inside is a tad cheesey, but the story could be okay.

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