Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fourth Edition. I Like It!

Played my first fourth edition game Sunday at Lost Goblin in Raleigh. It was a demo game. No munchkins. Four players, one DM, and a case full of miniatures!

So, I showed up early. We did not know the other guys, or what they would be playing. Figuring no one wants to play the cleric, I rolled one. All together we had my half-elf cleric of Pelor, a human paladin of Kord, and a eladrin Wizard. Later we had a guy sit in to assist who was playing a dwarf ranger.

We fought all undead. Zombie rotters (minions), skeleton minions, normal skeletons, and gravehounds(?). Clerics do not suck anymore. Most of your healing seems to be associated with attacks, or you are aiding a character healing himself. The paladin seemed pretty tough, and the wizard seemed better than the PHB makes them look.

One thing I like is that the rules drive you towards teamwork. Most of the games I have ever played, there was a "Conan" and his three followers. Fourth edition does not seem to gear that way. Many of the class powers seem to work to buff your team mates.

I like the "minion" aspect. There are going to be punks for pwning. "You hit it, you kill it" types that make the combat interesting without every enemy on the board being able to wax you.

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