Thursday, October 9, 2008

Half-elf who is both weak and stupid... Any ideas?

Here's a chance for you guys getting into 4e D&D to think about the new rules, and maybe give me some advice.

I have a half-elf cleric I made up recently. Half-elves are dilettantes, so as a racial feature they can take an At-Will power from any class and use it as an Encounter power. I blew the wad on Charisma and Wisdom, followed by Constitution, so I have a +0 bonus for Strength and Intelligence (used the point system).

Most of the At-Will powers seem pretty stupid when turned into Encounter powers... Cleave, once a battle? Come on! The best ones are probably the wizard's... Magic Missile and such, but with my crap Intelligence I steered away. One I am considering is (IIRC) Furious Smash (Warlord). I would attack against fortitude (instead of AC) and just do my Strength bonus as damage (so, 0), but a comrade adjacent to me or the beasty I am fighting gets my Charisma modifier on his next to-hit against the monster (+3)... Another teamwork power.

Any suggestions? I did not really look at the Warlock. Cleric of Pelor using Hellish Rebuke seems a bit of a mismatch :-)

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