Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It is starting again.

Well, just as 4e D&D started to look good to me, they do it again. The 4e PHB2 is on the way, bringing back the (I think) unbalanced Barbarian. See WotC article here.

I need to make a run to the bookstore for reference, but I remember looking at a 4e intro book called something like Races and Classes... They explained why there was no gnome race, and no druid class. They said the druid was a) too powerful, and b) there was a summoner class and a healer class, so there was no need to combine the two into a third class; the druid. I'd love to see if a) this same book had the barbarian listed, and why they did not bring it back, and if b) PHB2 has the druid.

I am not really surprised. WotC will print extra books as long as we buy them. The best thing to do is be the DM and say, "core books only, and players don't need a DMG or Monster Manual. No matter what WotC says." Oh, to go back in time to when there were truly just three books... PHB, DMG, MM... I blame Deities & Demigods for the whole extra book craze :-)

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