Friday, October 10, 2008

Nerd Girl of Note #5

Who is it? Sarah Vowell
Why do nerds love her? Chicago Public Radio's This American Life, Assassination Vacation, The Incredibles.
Nerd, or just loved by nerds? An admitted nerd.
Websites: Profile at the Steven Barclay Agency

Rock critic, voice actress, historian, author, social observer. Sarah Vowell is smart and funny, a little bit goth, a bit punky, and a little subversive. Her work on This American Life is memorable and always fun.

Vowell's book Assassination Vacation is a fun history of America's first three presidential assassinations, Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinnley. There are a lot of side journeys and a hard look at the assassins. If you can get it as an audio book, do it. Vowell's reading adds a lot to the story, and there are many big named guests protraying characters, such as Jon Stewart as Garfield, Stephen King as Lincoln, and Conan O'Brien as Robert Todd Lincoln.


Mickey Glitter said...

I adore Sarah Vowell. My brother-in-law turned me on to her and I've never looked back.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Her first two books are the best, though I want to warm up to "The Wordy Shipmates" since it is so out of her typical element. I wish they'd do a collection of her "This American Life" pieces.

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