Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Political, sorry, but two outrageous items in my home state.

I don't want to dis any of my right leaning readers (if I have not already), but these two things disgust me and are close to home.

First, North Carolina Representative Robin Hayes introduced John McCain this past weekend and said that "Liberals Hate Real Americans That Work And Achieve And Believe In God" according to a report on local public radio. Story here from Think Progress.

Second, and this is deplorable, no matter whose camp you are in. A bear cub was killed in the western part of the state and left at the entrance to Western Carolina University draped in Obama signs. Read the Boston Herald's report. What exactly is the point of this? What does the bear represent other than that the perpetrators of this act are sociopaths. Unfortunately, it is bear hunting season here, and the bear was of legal weight, but why? What in the hell is this election coming to?

That's it. I am physically ill from this, and can't wait for this election to be over... Sorry to rant a bit incoherently. Back to D&D and Star Trek tomorrow...

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