Friday, October 3, 2008

A Poll , and a New Minion!

Minion? I mean follower. Mix D&D and megalomania and see what you get? Anyway, welcome to Jadim from Moongem Comics. He's been posting some great Elvira stuff for Haloween, or "Elvira's Eve" on my calendar ;-)

Also, toying with the poll idea. Much like the Beatles/Stones divide, Star Trek and Star Wars say something about your stance on things. I won't say what... I won't say which one I prefer (though you will note one has not been mentioned here so far...). Anyway, it is for a laugh. Look to your right. A little higher. That's it. Vote there.

Like the Beatles/Stones divide, there are no other choices. "What about The Who?" "What about Elvis?" Sorry, you must choose your side. We live in a two party country. Third party candidates like Battlestar Gallactica or Stargate are not invited to the debate :-)

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Jamdin said...

Thanks for the welcome and I will have to go with Star Trek.

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