Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Question for th DMs Out There

A question for all the DMs or really anyone interested in commenting:

If you have a campaign with a major antagonist, do you bother giving him/her actual stats? We are talking epic level villains here. Kulan Gath... Thulsa Doom... Matron Mother of the 1st Drow House... This guy:

This is the guy who is the puppet master. He shows up on occassion, and his power is far beyond your players (at least until they are high level as well). When the players do defeat him, it is typically through some trick manoeuver, the disruption of a ritual, destruction of a necessary item, etc. More often, players deal with his underlings. Think G.I. Joe... Destro may actually mix it up with the characters, but Cobra Commander does not dirty his hands with minor annoyances like heroes.

Now, you need some idea of what the villain has going for him. Approximate level, race, class... But isn't he really capable of most anything? The characters don't get snuffed out because no one pays $10 to see a five minute movie (if you catch my drift).

Any thoughts?

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Czar said...

If the players would ever be in a situation to fight with Cobra Commander, then he should have stats, even if its just a round or two before the PCs use the powder to turn him in to a snake ("I wasssss once..a maaaaan!!"). If he never mixes it up with the PCs, then stats aren't needed. It would be the same as giving the waitress in the tavern stats.

Besides, we know that Serpentor is the true Cobra leader..

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