Sunday, October 26, 2008

Star Trek Classic: "Mudd's Women"

One of the classic episodes from ST:TOS was "Mudd's Women" – the third episode of the series. You can tell it is an early one as there is no Checkov and Uhura is wearing a command uniform (gold) rather than her more recognizable engineering uniform (red). More after the jump...

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The Enterprise catches up with an unknown ship, and saves "Leo Walsh" (Harry Mudd's alias here) and his cargo of three women. The women have a hypnotic effect on the males in the crew. Mudd is a smuggler with a list of other offenses. Kirk puts Mudd on trial, and as things start going bad, his women begin using their powers on the executive staff.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it. More info at Memory Alpha. Or watch the episode at Fancast.

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fancastfan said...

Wow - that brings back memories, the Harry Mudd ep of Star Trek always stuck in my mind for some reason :) but I never realized it was the 3rd one in the series. Glad you found it on Fancast, and if you are a sci-fan fan, your readers may be interested in seeing our full list of shows at
with a lot of other sci fi shows (although don't forget all the sitcom, drama, animation and reality offerings too). BTW, Fancast also has full-length feature films, with a lot of great sci-fi classics too
Jim (for Fancast)

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