Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good enough for Fonzie and Joan Jett?!?

More on adolescent inklings of what was sexy. This time, bad girls who were not so bad. The Tuscadero sisters from Happy Days.

Were they sisters? Who remembers such things? All I know is that Pinky wore hotpants, short tops, rode a motorcycle, and drove cars in the demolition derby. Leather wore a lot of... well, leather, sang and played bass in a band. How hot were they?

Neither of them looked like it was the 1950s. They were very 1970s looking chicks. Leather Tuscadero was played by Suzi Quatro, who was an honest-to-deity-of-your-choice rock star. So cool a rock star that she is Joan Jett's hero, and that is nothing to sneeze at. Pinky was played by Roz Kelly.

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Leather Tuscadero

Pinky Tuscadero

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