Friday, November 7, 2008

Just a bit on why Kim Kardashian is likeable.

Okay, these pics are from Samurai Frog @ Electronic Cerebrectomy, a really fun blog I have been lurking on lately. You can click the images for full size. Now, on with the show.

The wife and I were talking about Kim Kardashian last night. We don't watch her (her family's?) show, but she seems cool. Yes, she is famous primarily for having a big ass, a sex tape, and for being friends with Paris Hilton. The below pictures cement the idea that she is a decent person, and likable for more than her ass.

First, she is actually picking up dry-cleaning. Either hers, or someone else's, but that is the stereotypical "I need an assistant for this" type errand. Props.

Reasons I like K.K., besides her butt.

Second, someone notices her in the store and gets out their camera. Rather than being uptight, she points her ass at them. Why not? Hey, she has a positive body image and self esteem. Those are likable qualities in anybody.

Reasons I like K.K., besides her butt.

So, that's my two cents. Yes, she is hot and that is the primary reason I know who she is. She's got some qualities though, so props in her general direction.


Anonymous said...

She is not hot - look at her butt - extremely huge and unappealing. :)

SamuraiFrog said...

I would say beautifully huge and appetizing.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Ooh! A chance for a couplet:

Hello there, Samurai Frog.
Lately I've been enjoying your blog.


The great thing about the female form is the variety. Jarl, I know you have good taste in women, judging by your Stockings Day! entries (latest post here, for all other readers).

I think K.K. is pretty sexy. I won't describe my ideal, as my wife reads this blog, and if I were to describe her in minute detail, well it would be an invasion of her privacy :-)

This does remind me of something I heard a guy say once. I am not sure if he meant he had no preferences in body type, or was not into legs, but after commenting on a woman's legs he said they were just like he like them, "Feet at the bottom. Pussy at the top." |-D

Reis O'Brien said...

In my opinion, extremely huge butts = HOT! Of course, I've often stated that I like women that look like they'd be difficult to throw. ;)

Kim's a hottie. But I'm actually in love with her sister, Kloe.

M.B. said...

I'm of the opinion that there's beauty in all women, but I also happen to agree with Reis...I like my women with hellacious curves.

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