Monday, November 10, 2008

More Human than Human

OK, I may lose some serious geek cred here.

"Hello. My [fake] name is Darius Whiteplume, and I never saw Blade Runner until last night."

I know, it is a classic... I am even a Rutger Hauer fan. I just never got around to seeing it. So, here are some thoughts.

I liked it early on. Rick Deckard (Ford) was a very Phillip Marlowe type, and the film noir worked incredibly well for a film shot in color. The way the Asian immigrants had (not to sound like Lou Dobbs) taken over California seemed pretty logical. Not sure if Edward James Olmos was supposed to be Japanese, or if Japanese culture took over to the point where Central Americans were influenced that strongly.

I thought the story was a little lacking. There seemed to be more to Deckard than we got to see... Something about why he quit; what his deal with replicants was; why did killing replicants bother him so much. Roy Batty (Hauer) similarly goes from being cold and calculated to being highly emotional, borderline unstable, in a seemingly short span of time. While the death of five companions should effect a normal person, someone with no emotions...? I am sure there is a lot to all this in the book. I never read any Philip K. Dick.

If you are like me, and never saw it, check it out (next Saturday, the 15th, it is on SciFi at 6:30pm Eastern).


Unknown said...

Glad to see you were finally able to enjoy Ridley Scott's masterpiece. I absolutely love this movie.

Regarding its unique pastiche of cultures, my take is that Scott was trying to convey the state of globalization in LA in the 21st century; an American identity that is lost in the local provincial aspects of different countries. Instead of an American or Japanese culture we see a cross-breed intertextual mix that produces its own new identity, which is important in communicating a distinct future world in Blade Runner.

I don't recall if you mentioned this, but which version did you see -- the theatrical release with Deckard's VO or the director's cut?

Darius Whiteplume said...

I believe the directors cut. They had it labeled as "The Final Cut" which I believe is the (semi) recent DVD release.

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