Friday, November 14, 2008

Nerd Girl of Note #10

Who is it? Carrie Fisher
Why do nerds love her? Uh, duh! The slave-girl costume alone is enough! Even a Star Trek fan can see that.
Nerd, or just loved by nerds? Definitely loved by nerds... As for her nerdiness. Not sure?
Websites: Official Website, entry at Wookiepedia.

Perhaps an unlikely nerd girl, Carrie Fisher was the daughter of entertainment royalty; Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. She had appeared in 1975's Shampoo with Warren Beatty as Lorna Carp. Her next role was the one that would change everything... 1977's Star Wars.

As Princess Leia, Fisher got to play a tough, no-nonsense woman in a film that was destined for greatness. The first time we see her she is the 5'1" princess staring down the 6'5" Darth Vader (David Prowse's height). We barely see her again until:

Leia's honey-bun hairdo made her famous in the first film. Her love triangle between Luke and Han was her highlight in the second film. And then in Return of the Jedi, a she goes full circle:

Her career may not have blossomed in front of the screen as she may have hoped. Along with Mark Hamill, the tie to their Star Wars persona was strong. Only Harrison Ford made it a true platform for a bigger career (the benefit of being the bad boy?). Behind the camera, however, Fisher did a lot of writing for television and some production. She has a new movie she is writing and appearing in, E-Girl, which the IMDb lists as being due out this year.

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