Friday, November 21, 2008

Nerd Girl of Note #11

Who is it? Danica McKellar
Websites Official Website
Why do nerds love her?
She played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years.

OK. I never really watched The Wonder Years, but it is an iconic show that you can hardly avoid being familiar with. Danica McKellar as Winnie Cooper was one of the most idealized teen dreams there was, and many of us probably hated Fred Savage for having even the opportunity to get there. Taking a break from acting, McKellar earned a BS in Mathematics from UCLA.

What brought Danica back to our attention was the release of her best selling book, Math Doesn't Suck (2007). The book was designed to get young girls more interested in math, and help them get a handle on it. <sacrcasm>Oddly enough</sacrcasm> much of the press on the book was of the aw-shucks-she-likes-math-what-a-cutie variety. Of course, the problem she addresses is a serious one. Traditionally, girls do veer off from the hard sciences and that needs to change to more equalize the standing between the sexes. Also, American's are not good at math and science. Since young girls typically fare better in school, why not fare better at math?

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