Thursday, November 20, 2008

Premature Book Review: The Ring

You may have noticed from the sidebar that I am reading Koji Suzuki's The Ring. Yes, this is the book that inspired the movie Ringu, which in turn inspired The Ring.

If you liked either movie, you will like the book. I know that the book is always different from the movie, but this case is very strong. The only real relationship is a videotape that kills. The characters are different. The video is different. The plot is different. It is really not a horror story, either. It is a mystery with a slight character study — about what you'd expect from a comicbook or tv show (it is a short book).

I have not finished the book. I am at the big finale, but for some reason every time I finish a book I like it is a huge letdown. So, my recommendation is strong, but without an ending to consider. I enjoy contemporary Japanese literature, primarily Haruki Murakami, and The Ring is very different. It is not Japanese-centric, nor does it look towards the west longingly. It is a story that could take place in America, or anywhere else (probably why the American film was so good, IMHO).

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