Friday, November 21, 2008

What have we learned about the fair sex?

First, I'll mention that of the twelve women featured, the two that caused the most stir were Kim Kardashian and Kirstie Alley. Both are what many would call over-weight, and though big butts are very in, with Americans at least, Kardashian's is pretty extreme.

As a potential end to this thread, I will give you my thoughts on the whats and whys of that thing called sexy.

There are some scientific factors to consider. People tend to like symmetry and proportion. Often the size of a thing (person, in this case) does not effect its attractiveness as much as the ratios. Also, I believe thinness, like Alysson Hannigan's, implies youth, while weight like Kirstie Alley's can imply health (at least in the sense of access to nourishment). Big butts and breasts stimulate sexual desire, though shapeliness in general does this, thus Esther Baxter is intrinsically sexy. I am a big believer that we are slaves to our reptilian brain.

I also feel that personality adds greatly to sexiness. I find all the women included in this thread to be sexy (I did pick them, after all), but to varying degrees. While Kim Kardashian and Anna Nicole Smith are closer to my ideal body type, Alysson Hannigan and Kirstie Alley are sexier. Kardashian is mainly someone I see pictures of, I do not know much of her "person" and Anna Nicole Smith, who I don't insult, did not have a fitting personality for me. Hannigan is hilarious, and Kirstie Alley has a big personality.

Now for the enigma, in my mind, Bettie Page. If you really study Bettie Page's body, it is not fantastic. She is very fit and has good curves. Her butt, breasts, legs, and face are all pretty unremarkable for a model. Yet she is one of the world's most photographed women (probably the most photographed with analog equipment). I have read that she never took a bad picture, and I cannot claim to have seen one. She was apparently always ready to be photographed. I think attitude, persona, x-factor, whatever you call it, plays a huge part in why she is so enduring. Her face always has an expressiveness. She may not have had a myriad of moods she could portray, but those she used were always pulled off perfectly. She also knew how to display her body. Key proof of this is any picture of her in bare feet. Look at a picture of her standing in bare feet:

What are her feet doing? They are standing as though she were wearing high heels. Like it or not, very few women pull off standing flat-footed in bare feet well. Not with bare legs too. This is how she always posed without shoes, and she knew what she was doing.

So, sociology, biology, and illusion combine to create our visions of the perfect woman. We all differ to degrees, but leave it up to that little chunk of matter on the top of your brain stem, your primitive brain knows what it wants, and you are helpless to fight it.


LMPjr007 said...

I have found out, that you and I have very similar taste in women. Another good reason to like you. :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

It is good to be liked! Good to have my tastes justified as well :-)

There are tons of others, but I wanted to stick to 12, and didn't want to turn completely into a chick-centric blog... Though fan-boy-dom is a key feature to nerdliness!

kenchan13 said...

Pure Poetry.Nice article.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Glad you liked it kenchan13. :-)

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