Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ah... The bookstore.

I am going to have a bit of time to read in the coming week, and some time to listen to audio books, so I made a run to the bookstore to make sure I was prepared. I have a ton of things to read anyway, but got a wild hair about some things. Here's the damage:

Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert (paperback)
I hate to admit it, but The Sopranos turned me on to this one. When Carmella is sleeping with the guidance counselor, season 5, remember? Anyway. I have been meaning to read more classics, and am into the classic French lit. It sounds interesting; an attack on French bourgeoisie and a woman's attempt to escape the drab life of her times and (if I get the gist correctly) live out a romance-novel life.

The Wordy Shipmates, Sarah Vowell (audio book)
I always get Sarah Vowell on audio, since she reads her books, has guests playing roles (big names, I might add), and is hilarious. She has the best take on American history I am familiar with.

I have heard this one is not so great, but I trust Aunt Sarah. She always had the best This American Life segments, and her other two audio books are a lot of fun. This book is about the early European settlers. I'm looking forward to the bit about Rhode Island, which I believe was the first colony without a religious standard (meaning, I'm sure, any christian was acceptable, but I could be wrong).

Loaded (magazine, UK)
Slightly tacky, but most always fun. Its a great "I have five minutes and need something to read" periodical (yes, that means on-the-toilet, typically).

Dreams from my Father/The Audacity of Hope, Barack Obama (audio book)
I know, it sounds like inaugural ebullience (my new favorite word), but I was listening to The Diane Rehm Show today, and they were discussing Dreams. It sounded very interesting, and a good look at the man. He apparently discusses some things he is not proud of in his search for racial identity. One passage la Rehm played was the clincher. Obama and his friend (Ray?) would occasionally overplay their blackness to whites, and how tough it was. Obama says something to the effect of:

[...] this isn't the Jim Crow South, this is god damn Hawaii!

Lastly, got the wife a Kenken book. Apparently it is Sudoku with math, or something. I could never do Sudoku.

That being said, I won't be around much for the next week or so. In and out with little-to-no computer access. I have pre-published a few regular feature items. Otherwise, I'll see you all in February.

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