Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fiction's Finest Nerds #9: Almondine

Camp Lazlo is a cartoon about summer camp. The rival camp for girls is Acorn Flats and its Squirrel Scouts. There are actually two nerd girls (a huge step forward in nerd rights). My favorite is Almondine, an owl.

Almondine is a bit bookish, a little goth, and fairly meek. The episode "Call Me Almondine"—IIRC—involves a wig pageant where all the girls are to wear ridiculous wigs and parade for the yokels living in the nearby town. Almondine does not feel comfortable doing this and breaks with tradition, appearing as herself. She is ridiculed by said yokels for ruining the wig pageant, but resigns herself to be who she is.

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