Monday, January 5, 2009

It must be zombie Monday!

OK, so I have mentioned Last Night on Earth previously, and was wondering just how hard it is for the humans to win? So I am working on a simulation (I am a wannabe math nerd). So far, only one round with basic rules:
  1. Four humans
  2. No weapons
  3. Eight out of a possible fourteen zombies
  4. Each human fights two zombies per round

What the simulation should do is see how often the humans can win the "Die Zombies Die" scenario, where the humans have fifteen rounds to kill fifteen zombies (IIRC). Humans only kill zombies if they roll doubles. In the first round, they get two dice. You can see a basic round result here, and refresh for a new round of the same. It is all chance, just like the game.

I'll be adding additional rounds where each human will have a weapon, giving them three dice, thus upping their chances to kill. Eventually, counting the human deaths as well to see how often the humans at least go-the-distance.

Now, I figure the zombies should typically win. They do in the movies, unless Mila Jovovich is around, and even then they feast on the bulk of the humans. I do like a good math problem, when I can code something to do it it is even better! I'll post updates for the pocket-protector set, since I'll likely screw-up the math :-)

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