Thursday, February 26, 2009

Album Review: Dean Martin, Live from Las Vegas

"And now, the star of our show. Direct from the bar..."

Yes, I still call them albums :-)

I was never a big Dean Martin fan, not anti-Dean, just unfamiliar. Well, they were playing this album in an episode of The Sopranos (the one about the beach house). I found the album on Amazon, and it is hilarious. It is far more a comedy routine than a concert; Martin makes up new words to songs and cracks jokes in the middle of them. He says "If you want to hear me do a song straight, go buy an album."

Some of the jokes are pretty old, but he's a funny guy. Well worth getting if it's your kinda thing, or if you like comics.

Oh, and some of my retro readers might be able to enlighten me here. I had heard Dino was not really a big drinker; that was just a shtick. Wikipedia said he ran moonshine, but that doesn't necessarily make you a drunk :-)


Keith said...

I love this album. One thing is that Dean Martin never took himself too serious. He didn't often sing a song straightforward. He liked to crack jokes between songs. The drinking was essentially a prop for his show. It was part of his act. He played the part well. I think it was usually apple juice. Later in his life after the death of his son, he did start to drink heavily though.

Darius Whiteplume said...

He is really funny on this. I listened to it last night and laughed like a nutter! This morning I felt like hell, not wanting to go to work, so I threw it in the streo and was in a good mood by the time I got there :-D

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