Thursday, February 5, 2009

Am I losing my ever-loving mind?

I am really, really looking forward to GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra. I think I might be losing it...

I was never a GI Joe fan. I had exactly one GI Joe growing up, a 12" with a beard, and the only add-on I had was the parachute (the old man was Airborne after all). I gotta say, the parachute set was pretty sweet, but I think Big Jim got more jump hours in than Joe.

In the '80s, I despised the show, and was too old for the action figures. I hated how on the show everyone escaped their exploding vehicle. I am not bloodthirsty, but it seems to dilute the dangers of war. I prefer The Venture Brothers, where minions die like flies, but somehow there is a never-ending supply of them. Add the rah-rah Reagan-era USA #1 attitude, and I was prepared to vomit.

So why is the movie so appealing? They are making all the mistakes superhero movies always make; changing the costumes, and too much CGI (from what I have seen). It is obviously counting on a sequel, since Cobra Commander has yet to appear. When he does, I am sure he'll be some über-macho tank with a deep rumbling voice, rather than the sniveling, borderline effeminate weirdo we all remember him to be. Also, there is a Wayans in the cast. If it isn't Keenan or Damon, and it is not a Scary Movie film, that is typically a problem.

A few things I think make sense, however.
  1. I like that Dennis Quaid is appearing. I imagine he has enough money and too good a reputation to be in a real flop, but he wouldn't be the first big star to land himself in a big-budget stinker, and a couple million dollars would be hard to turn down.
  2. There are not a ton of big names. Some known people, but not the all-star dream-team movie of the century. Including Ray Park as perennial favorite Snake Eyes is probably a smart move, getting the Star Wars fans interested.
  3. The Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston is playing Destro. He was such a great bad guy in 28 Days Later and Gone in Sixty Seconds. It gives me some hope that they'll make good on Cobra Commander.
  4. Oh yeah. There's always this:


wiec? said...

Cobra Commander i hear is the kid from that show 3rd rock from the sun. he was good in that movie The Lookout that came out a few years ago.

and the Baroness needs glasses.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I think she does wear glasses in other pics.

I did not see The Lookout, but I always liked that guy.

Unknown said...

I used to always think that Levitt would've made a fantastic Tim Drake/Robin when he was younger.

Keith said...

I'll admit that I was a big fan of GI Joe growing up. I had so many of the action figures, etc. It was one of my favorite things as a kid. I do want to see the movie. I know it's going to be very different from what I grew up with, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

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