Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to Mickelodeon!

A new follower here is Mickelodeon who runs a Doctor Who blog, http://www.my-silvermac.com/. Sorry I can't get to it for a better description this morning, but our network nazis block a lot of sites. I looked at it a bit last night, and it looked very cool. So, welcome Mickelodeon and check out the blog.


Mickey Glitter said...

Thanks very much for the welcome and the link back to strange cousin susan - there's a lot of Who to be found there, including some original pieces I wrote for scary-crayon.com and then cross-posted to my own site, so check those out, too! =)

Darius Whiteplume said...

Sorry I couldn't get there this morning. The network Nazis block all kinds of things for no reason.

Mickey Glitter said...

No worries...those articles aren't going anywhere. Your blog's pretty awesome, too. I've totally linked it and plan to return regularly. =)

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