Thursday, March 12, 2009

4e Forgotten Realms Revisited

Okey, I spoke to soon last time about liking the new Forgotten Realms. I really like it. I have not played yet, but actually read the beginning chapters of the campaign guide (skipped over a lot of the place descriptions for now). The timeline is about a century past the last edition (now 1479DR), and there was a cataclysm. So the world has changed greatly, and there are not a thousand novels describing what has happened or will happen. It is, for now, more of a blank slate.

Typically, I do not like the publishing of two books on the same subject, but I like that there is a player's book and a DM's book. The DM doesn't have to wade through all the player info, and vice versa. One great thing about the player's guide is that it details what a player likely knows about a place. Rather than me filtering out what I think they would know, they can look it up.

The player guide also includes the Sword Mage class, which I am torn about. It just might be too powerful, particularly if it is one of the more powerful races, but if I run a game I will not disallow it. Apparently the drow are more tolerated, and are setup as a PC race in FR.

I look forward to playing it a bit when I meet some other players. Will report back :-)


Phronk said...

Bah, all these new fangled books. I'm still getting used to 3rd edition, let alone 3.5 and 4. Now Forgotten Realms is split into 2 books? BAH I SAY.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I like 4e much better than 3.x. I think it is easier to play, and easier to build characters. I am a weirdo though :-)

Anonymous said...

The druid is back!

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