Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Go ahead, remove your Navbar

I won't explain here since Blogger Templates has already done such a nice job. Click here.

More and more bloggers here at Blogger are having trouble with the goodie-two-shoes of the world flagging their blogs as inappropriate. You might remember The Sexy Witch getting chastised and The Undead Film Critic getting canned altogether. Well, not our friend Ghidorah of the sublime Acheter et entretenir sa tron├žonneuse (how to buy and maintain you chainsaw) is under similar fire.

So, I am taking my Navbars off my blogs, since the handy little "Flag This Blog" link is there. Perhaps the holier-than-thou are also the lazier-than-shit, and will not expend more effort than the normal point-and-click flagging? Here's my PSA idea:

"Remove your Navbar. It's like a blog condom!"

Well, that needs some work. How about this:


Tenebrous Kate said...

*mwah* You are the BEST, Darius! You have made my day even better :)

SamuraiFrog said...

Done and done. Genius!

Frank White said...

Great idea, with a big but(t):

The dang search function hangs out up there.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Hmm... I have an cure for that, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. You're a genius.

And, damn, I wish this had occurred to me before!

It is too late for Sexy Witch but I will do it immediately on my remaining Blogger blogs.

And I am almost positive it will work. Most would-be censors are too lazy to read the books they want to ban, so they are probably also too lazy to find the 'Boo hoo, I don't like this' button if it is not staring them in the face.



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