Sunday, March 15, 2009

A little meme time. Rules, etc., at the end.

"I heard you were dead," the mountain of muscle said.

"Yeah, I hear that a lot."

This awful government issued cigarette tastes like hell. I'd quit, but what would be the point? By my watch, I have sixteen hours, nineteen minutes, and a handful of seconds left to live. I light another.

"Did I ever tell you how I got this eyepatch?"

"No, you nev..."

"See, it happened a long time ago. I was a kid. You know how kids are. Dangerous toys, all fun and games 'til, well, you know.

"So, I'm out back playing with Timmy. He was a good kid. Lived next door," he breaks in at this point.

"Is this going anywh..."

"Timmy was a good kid. Smart. Well, he never ended up here, so pretty smart at least," I light another cigarette. His men move in a bit. Guns relaxed. "Playing with Timmy. That is how I lost my eye."

"That?" he asks. "What the hell did he do?"

"This," I say as a pull my gun, shooting him in the left eye. "Only he had a pellet gun."

Cabbie's car screeches into the crowd as they stand dumbfounded. I throw Maggie through the door and get in behind her. Cabbie hits the gas.

"Is that really how you lost your eye, Snake?" Maggie asks.


Okey, that was my entry in the Impossible Truth Behind Snake Plissken's Eyepatch meme.

Here are the rule:

1. Explain to the world The Impossible Truth Behind Snake Plissken's Eye-Patch. Could be a one word sentence (pussy) or could be a seven page novella (boring). Whatever you choose, but tell us all why Snake got the eye-patch.

2. Tag five bloggers asking them to create their own stories about the eye-patch.

3. Of course link back to Lazy Eye Theatre so that people know where this originated. And to those of you who got tagged by someone other than me, post your link in the comments section, I would love to read what you came up with.

Tagging... Hmmm... How 'bout


That's all for me. Write something if you want.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I feel honored to be asked to particpate in the following meme by my blog buddy Darius from Adventures in Nerdliness, one of my favorite blogs to follow. For reasons that clearly display his respect and good sense he has asked me to create the reasons for a item close to my pop culture heart - What is the origin of Snake Pliskin's eye patch? Now I could go with the obvious that its just a fake to meet chicks or that he robbed that bank in Cleavland to get the funds to complete the needed lazer surgery on that left eye and was captured before that could be completed. But no body gets all bad ass by going for Lazek treatments. I suspect that when he served his country and earned his two purple hearts - Lennigrad and Siberia he was privy to the most advanced tech any unit invading the USSR could get. Now on that Siberian mission he was equipted with special occular implant in his left eye that allowed him to master his control of the Gullfire - the silent most deadly combat glider ever created - and to recieve at the second intel while controlling both navigation and weaponry. His job was to be amoung the first soldiers to penetrate soviet airspace and destroy thier early warning radar so that the bombers could follow and mop up. Of course in order to prevent the deadly but silent attacks from the heavens the Commies had unknowingly created targeted lazer countermeasures that were able to ferret out and disable the exact tech utilyzed by the ocular implants causing them to burn out rather violently after their pilots enter a certain no fly zone. Being the tough sum bitch that Snake is he was able to tear the tech and his left out out of his head before being disabled or killed. Then half blind he was able to land his Gullfire, deliver his ordinance and destroy the radar facility thus allowing the bombers behind him to complete the mission objective. Wounded and a hero he thus becomes the youngest man every decorated by the President. When told that he would be recieving a citation from the President, of course he answered, "The President of what?" HEY..that is not bad. I STILL got it BITCHES!

SamuraiFrog said...


Wings1295 said...

I accepted Cal's challenge, as well:

My Take on The Impossible Truth Behind Snake Plissken's Eyepatch

Hope you like!

PIPER said...

Snake calling Timmy a good kid? Seems weird. But then you completely redeem him with the ending, still leaving it a mystery.

Bravo. And thanks for playing.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Piper: I think I was channeling a lot of Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China). Fast talk often requires saying things that are not expected from you :-)

Glad you liked it.

wiec? said...

2 weeks late but i finally posted. sory about the delay. fun meme though.

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