Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Music + Twitter = Blip

So, I am on Twitter, and enjoy reading the items people post, but I don't often know what to say. Also, I like music, but am not well schooled in Euterpean lore to talk about it much. What is a nerd like me to do? Why Blip, of course.

I first came across through The Nerdy Bird on Twitter. Here is the deal.

On Blip, you create a DJ account. They suggest current DJs you might be interested in based on your music choices. You can listen to these DJs, or the general pool. Most importantly, you can play music.

Twitterers, this is right up you alley. Here is a conversion chart:

Blip = Update
Listeners = Followers
Favorite DJs = Following
"Add this blip to your playlist" = "favorite this update"

You can also "reblip" a blip. Someone played a song you like? You can reblip it to your blips. You can also give and receive "props" to/from DJs. And you can "@" DJs just like Tweeting people on Twitter. You can get varying degrees of feedback by email, such as who gave you props for what, who is a new listener, and who rebliped a song you played.

I find it to be really addictive, and have virtually met some great people. Some of our nerdly brethren are already blippers. I don't listen to as much as I play music, but that is part of the fun for me. I tend to make virtual mix-tapes, picking a style, mood, era, whatever.

Wanna listen to my stuff, click the image below. Already on Blip, let me know. I got props to burn brothers and sisters. Also, some of our friends that I know of (sorry if I miss anyone) are The Reverend Fred Phantom, Trixie Treats, and Patrick/Sun&Heir. One of my favorite DJs is DJYourMama who is really in line with my current musical tastes.


Dr. Zaius said...

Tweets? Blips? Oh, dear. I'm getting a headache...

You have been officially tagged for the "Six Random Things" meme.

iasa said...

I was gonna check out blip for a li bit. That was almost three hours ago. Easy, easy to get caught up on that.

Phronk said...

Added! I like Blip as a way of adding music to Twitter tweets, but I rarely visit it on its own.

RAM said...

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