Monday, March 2, 2009

Premature Book Review: Torchwood, Almost Perfect

Okey, I am not too familiar with Torchwood, other than what I get from Doctor Who, and this is the last book in a series, but I got it anyway. The first page was funny.

This is a great ADD book. The chapters are rarely more than four pages. It jumps from character to character. It is not too taxing. It is a fun book. Because fo the writing style, it feels like a kid's book, but isn't. It is not overly adult, but there are a few language bits that prove it is not for the 'tween crowd.

The story revolves around (no spoilers here) a woman who finds a device that speaks inside her head, and begins transforming her into the perfect woman. Also, Torchwood regular(?) Ianto Jones has been... Well, changed.

If you are into the Who-niverse, it is probably a fun read, and worth the Amazon reduced price. Something to blow ten minutes on before bed.

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Keith said...

I've watched the Torchwood show, but never read any of the books.

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