Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week has been shot!

Sorry for not getting more posts out this week. Looks like the Nerd Girl of Note might get skipped tomorrow (maybe by saying that I'll receive inspiration?). Work has been way up this week, and while I complete things quickly, we have to run psy-ops to make the boss happy.

So here is a quick list of things I have had in my mind:

I got the 4e Player's Handbook 2 yesterday. Nice to have the druid back (gnomes & half-orcs too), but now there are sooooo many races and classes. I really only bought the book for the druid, so I can convince the wife to start playing again. :-)

Is it just me, or is Russell Brand hilarious? I only just found out about him from his Comedy Central special last weekend. Check him out sometime.

Had a great time on St. Patrick's Day. Went out with the wife and four other women. I felt like Hugh Hefner, because there was no chance of sleeping with any of them :-D

It is still Pam Grier Week. There have been some posts on various blogs, but I think I picked a heavy week for everyone. To see this list of potential participants, go here. The site links will search for the related posts.

Finished my first Torchwood book (see sidebar). It was not bad. Good for occupying your time if like me you are not much of a TV watcher. Was it a great book? Oh, no. Was it enjoyable? Yes. On to the final Michael Kane of Mars book, then who knows where?

Oh, and I am applying to grad school! Technical writing, woo-ho!

Time for breakfast. L8R All.


Unknown said...

I love Russell Brand--most people I know hate him though. I think he's very funny.

Keith said...

Good luck with everything. I hope the rest of the week will go well for you. Cheers!

wiec? said...

i have to agree with the good Rev. Brand is really funny but most folks i know think he sucks. i don't get it. He was one the best characters in Forgetting Sarah Marshal.

good luck with the higher learning.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I like that he is very self-effacing yet dresses like someone who is completely full of himself :-) There are some good clips of him on Funny or Die.

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