Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Weirdness of Google Searches

Ever wonder what searches lead to your site? Blogger's webmaster tools let you see, but I'll be damned if any of this helps.

The parenthetical number is my "search rank"—meaning people who look for adventures in nerdliness or adventures in nerdliness blog (bless their hearts) get me directly. However, if the are like me, and use quotes to limit search result, "adventures in nerdliness" is number 2. They get to... well, actually I was #1 there to. Hmm?

Anyway, it makes me wonder why certain things get searched. Was Lainie Kazan's Playboy spread a big search because My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on Sunday? Also, when I searched for it, I didn't get my blog. Nor on "the story" "dick gordon" or that Rorschach quote.

I really want to know what the Madame Cleau film is. The search results (I am #2 there) are likely constructed from "Madame Bovary" the welcome to "blond-cleau" and mention of "The Undead Film critic".

It is nice to be third in nerdliness, behind nerdliness.com and twitter/nerdliness. That's a pretty reputable placing.
  1. "the story" "dick gordon" (6)
  2. lainie kazan playboy spread (18)
  3. "adventures in nerdliness" (2)
  4. you think that i am locked in here with all of you but the truth is that you are all locked in here with me (9)
  5. adventures in nerdliness (1)
  6. adventures in nerdliness blog (1)
  7. madame cleau film (2)
  8. nerdliness (3)
Oh, and if you haven't noticed yet, I have nothing to do today.

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Video Zeta One said...

I don't know if you got a chance to read my recent post on what brings a lot of folks to Retrospace...it was an eye opener.

And yes the Google search results are confusing to say the least. I don't think anyone's really figured it out. The Google Page Rank is also an enigma.

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