Friday, April 17, 2009

Nerd Girl of Note #30

This week we have model, performer, and Twitter friend, Darla Crane. I must admit to not having known of her before I became Twittdicted™. She posts some great, funny stuff. She has actually responded to one of my Tweets (take that, Kat Dennings! :-)

Miss Crane has quite a bit of the nerd (or geek, if you prefer) to her. How many of us have a George Perez picture of them as a superhero? If your name is not Dick Grayson, Diana Prince, or Clark Kent chances are you don't. Check her out sometime.

That is, by the way.

Hey, I didn't say we were discussing the Egyptian government's mixed feelings about not aiding Palestine and thereby causing themselves to be a bit of a pariah in the Muslim world. This is Twitter. Also, those shark do fucking rock.

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Darla as Elvira, MotD

Darla as Spellbinder, by George Perez



Jamdin said...

She looks great as Elvira :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

She does a good Bettie Page too.

I was trying to remember where I heard of her on Twitter, and remembered someone reTweeting a link from her to a Star Trek wall mural that makes your room look like the ST:TOS bridge. That is cool!

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