Thursday, May 14, 2009

Premature Book Review: Pornucopia

Piers Anthony is an extremely well known and prolific Sci-Fi and Fantasy author. His Xanth books alone are worthy of note. Well, I am not a big reader of his, and I am always wary about getting in on the middle of a series, so while perusing the Kindle store I came across one I couldn't pass up.

So far, Pornucopia is the story of a young man, Prior Gross, with a healthy appetite who comes across a Succubus (hey, I'll make the jokes here). It turns out that prior has a special quality that science is very interested in.

While Mr. Anthony lists this book as erotic, it is not so much steamy as it is dirty. It is fun and clever and will make you get out your dictionary once in a while. I have read only a few Piers Anthony novels, and it is on par with those. The setting is a near future of sorts. Not quite Blade Runner, but different from today. There is an openness of magical creatures; the aforementioned succubus, a satyr, vampire, and werewolf make the scene. There is also super science at work.

If you liked the Adept series you will feel at home. It is still Piers, just like he got hired to write for Hustler.


iasa said...

I read that years ago when I was 17. I remember enjoying it, but the dog chewed it up and i never got to finish it.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Fortunately, My dog has only eaten a CSS pocket guide, which sucked anyway :-)

Keith said...

I've actually never read any of his books. I might have to try out this one.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I remember reading "Split Infinity" from the Adept series. IIRC, it was a guy in a sci-fi land who gets transport to a fantasy land. I was maybe a bit young for him.

I read "Spell for Chameleon" but do not remember what I thought of it. I guess that would be a clue though :-)

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