Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hotties of Yore: Charo

Charo was one of my favorite television personalities from my childhood. I emember liking her before I really understood what sexy was. She is this bizarre cartoon character, but is also very funny, a talented guitarist, and against the cruelty of bullfighting.

I included two clips below. The first is a funny, albeit long skit from The Carol Burnette Show, and the other is a really great guitar performance from The Martha Stewart Show when she was promoting her album "Charo and Guitar" and her world tour.

A funny skit from The Carol Burnette Show

Charo performs MalagueƱa on The Martha Stewart Show


Wings1295 said...

She is something, that Charo! And not just to look at, either, the lady has quite a talent. Seems like she should be so much older, though, since I have seen her forever and she still looks the same!

Thomas Pluck said...

I'm so friggin old that I saw the Carol Burnett skit when it first aired. And yeah, Charo is hot.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Looks like she's 58 these days. She has a very Brigitte Bardot thing going on.

I used to watch CB in syndication. I was alive when it was on, but I don't think the folks watched it. Weird that I always thought Harvey Korman was a dick, now I think he's one of the funniest people who ever lived. I watch Blazing Saddles just for Hedey LaMarr :-)

Mickey Glitter said...

I'm amazed and think I tweeted something to you about only thinking she was the cuchi cuchi girl from Love Boat, with nothing else to offer. Thanks for the education.

Do you think she's got a painting in her attic, very similar to Elisabeth Sladen? :-) She's pretty damn good looking for pushing 60...just like Lis Sladen, though she's over 60 these days.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I think Charo more likely has a plastic surgeon on retainer. Not judging, just saying :-)

Keith said...

I always had the hots for her when I was growing up. Thanks for reminding me about her.

boukman70 said...

A part of me has a lot of problems with Charo's "TV personality." Though, I will admit that she does have talent as a guitarist, and I do like her album with the Salsoul Orchestra (for a lot of the same reasons I kinda despise her). But yes, she definitely has a plastic surgeon. I've seen her at times with less wrinkles than a newborn's ass.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Keith - Just returning the favor. You've reminded/introduced me to a lot too :-)

@Bill - I can see her tv persona being a bit offensive, but then when I watch Univision or Galavision I see "Charos" all the time, and since that is for Central/South American consumption vs a white American audience, maybe it is just a style? Kind of like how British comedy is funny, but British stand-up comedy is not - or something like that... It's too early for me to think clearly :-)

Since her only "openly Hispanic" contemporaries were Tony Orlando and Freddie Prinze, I guess she can come off a little Speedy Gonzales in our memories.

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