Monday, July 27, 2009

But Prince Wasn't Even In It!?!

I saw Harry Potter this weekend. I cannot say I was looking forward to it. The last three books are in many ways my least favorite, but then in some ways my most favorite. Funny how the mind works, innit?

Like it or not, I do not remember this book at all, aside from the death of... Wait, everyone knows, right? Better not say.

I think this was the best adaptation yet. I enjoy the HP movies, but am not mad for them. They are fun, and this one is no exception, except that it is very dark. I am glad for that because the final books are dark, and I was always more of an A Series of Unfortunate Events kind of guy.

Best part(s) of the movie? This may sound weird, but there were not any stupid looking magical creatures. No house elves, centaurs, or any of that campy stuff. Also, you really got the impression that Voldemort was/is a sociopath. The scenes of his youth were very well protrayed by the young Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Frank Dillane.

Worst part(s) of the movie? I had no idea who some of the people were. There was some Sabertooth looking baddie, and I didn't know Lavender Brown was Lavender Brown until almost the end of the film (Jessie Cave is a hottie, BTW). Also, my beloved Luna Lovegood was hardly in it, and seemed very stiff.

Final verdict: Needed more Hermione, but was very enjoyable. Bring tissues.

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