Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Do I Do It?

I am not going to say I am the coolest uncle in the world. I'll let you judge for yourself. Exhibit A:

The defense rests.

My nephew is turning three, and that is the minimum suggested age for the, in many ways, best of all toys. The Tonka Dump Truck. If you did not have one of these around as a child, I weep for you. This is a fantastic toy regardless of your sex or preference. Yes it can get that load of blocks to the new build-site in the hallway, but with a little imagination can be a snazzy yellow convertible for Barbie.

True story: as we walked through Wal-Mart with me holding this, a 4 year-old (or so) sitting in a cart while his mom picked out flip-flops stared at me for my entire approach. After I passed he made a sound of yearning. He, at that moment, wanted that Tonka truck more than anything in the world. Well tough, little man. Get yourself a better uncle! :-)


wiec? said...

i can't tell from the pic but does Tonka still make them out of metal? I had one as a kid and while it was a fav hands down it was brutal as hell.

i remember leaving it out in a snow bank one winter and finding big ole rust spots on it after the spring thaw. sad this is my moms still let me play with it. i probably needed a tetnis shot.

i bought my one year old nephew one of those tshirts that looks like a tux. y'know for formal occassions. ya got me beat in the cool uncle dept.

Darius Whiteplume said...

The bed is metal, but a lot of it is plastic now. It also looks less like a real truck, but that is likely good. There were a lot of corners on the one I had. Still seems pretty solid.

Was there a commercial in the '70s where they had an elephant stand on one of these? Hmm...

aironlater said...

Although toys will evolve into more dynamic, and thereby more expensive, creatures as time progresses, it is ultimately those limited few ( like Tonka dumptrucks ) that will remain the standard by which other toys should be judged. And yes, I had one.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I think it lends itself to imagination well. It does not have to be a truck. It is like a deluxe-edition cardboard box to a little kid.

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