Monday, July 20, 2009

Mora Thora

Big ups to BookSteve for expanding the previous Thora Birch post. I am surprised I was not aware of the porn connection. Thora's mother is Carol Connors, who was in Deep Throat, which in my book makes you porn royalty. Her father is Jack Birch (unsure if the last name is a "wood" reference).

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While looking the parents up, I noticed an upcoming film mention. It looks like we should be seeing Thora being nerd-friendly again in Cavegirl, a film adaptation of the BBC show.

Two hundred thousand years ago, teenage girls wanted the same as teenage girls do today, teenage boys! However one amongst them shunned such basic instincts. She wasn't into teenage clubs, teenage music, teenage fashions. She had more important things on her mind. She had battles to fight, wars to win, evil to conquer. She's young, she's fierce. And it's a shame she doesn't care about fashion 'cause she's got great legs. She's Cavegirl. The new teen movie adapted from hit BBC television series.
Written by Daniel Peacock (via IMDb)


Rick Bman said...

I had no idea about her parents until I read the comment on the last post. I guess that does give a bit of an explanation as to why they allowed her to do the nude scene in American Beauty when she was only 16. I guess they are a bit more open sexually than most parents would have been in that situation.

Keith said...

Wow, I had no idea her mom was in Deep Throat. I wonder what life was like for Thora knowing that your mom was a porn star.

And thanks for the heads up about Cavegirl. I love Thora and can't wait to see her in this.

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