Monday, July 20, 2009

The New D&D Game

Well, @tas33 and I just played our first D&D session this weekend with a new group. This very difficult for many of us. Meeting a new group of gamers is like going on a blind date. In some ways it is worse, as you can choose to not go out with someone again, but after five hours of battling the goblin horde, they need you next week! How else will they get to Spider-Skull Island without you? Your the tank, man!

Well, I am happy to say that despite our advanced years (mine more than @tas33's), we got along nicely. It is a good group, but likely will be breaking up soon. All are either military and leaving, or soon-to-be ex-military and going back to where they came from (if you know Fayetteville, you'd understand).

The party is a touch on the evil side, but they don't play like 12 year-olds play evil. Here's what we have.

Shaddar-Kai Sword-Mage. Kind of evil, as their nature tends to make them so.

Drow Rogue (male). The guy playing him is big on the Salvatore books, and is good at being a male drow. Evil, but opportunistic enough to not make enemies at every turn.

Ranger (forget the race). Least talkative. Female gamer. Good player.

@tas33 - Longtooth Shifter Druid - she loves druids as a rule, but is new to 4e.

me - Dragonborn Cleric of the Raven Queen. Fire breath weapon, 18 STR. Shaddar-Kai worship the Raven Queen, so this is the first time I have played a cleric where another player was part of my cult.


M.B. said...

This post and the one before it have convinced me to give 4e a go. I haven't played D&D since second edition (my system of choice having been GURPS for all these years) so I'm rather excited by the prospect of trying out a "new" system.

My wife is going to kill me, though, once she finds out how much I plunked down for the PHB, DMG, Monster Manual and Forgotten Realms setting.

But such is the price we pay for our nerdliness, I guess :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

I tend to get books from Amazon, as I am not a fan of my LGS. Amazon is so much cheaper too.

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