Monday, July 6, 2009

Updates, News, Welcomes

Hey, everyone!

Finally at the end of a four day weekend. Hope to get back to some normal blogging schedule soon. Thanks for your patience.

Welcome to all the new followers. As always, feel free to comment.

Two updates. First is little. The boss will be out for surgery. No idea how long. In his absence, I get to wear the big hat. Hopefully this will mean more time at my desk, pushing my co-workers to do my bidding (which sounds better, "henchmen" or "minions"?) - unfortunately that just isn't my style :-(

The big news is I got accepted into a graduate "program" (a certificate, rather than an M.A, though it is the intro to the M.A.). Professional Communication and Technical Writing. Did I mention this already?

Hopefully I'll crank out a movie post, and maybe a "Favorite Album" again shortly while deciding on a "Finest Nerd" and NGoN for this week. Until then, may the farce be with you :-)

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