Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GI Joe: TheRise of Cobra

Well, I finally saw it last weekend. No real review here, just some thoughts (no spoilers, I hope).
  1. I have got to stop making fun of Marlon Wayans. He was remarkably good in this. Normally for me, if it ain't Damon, it ain't worth it, but Marlon brought a bit of the "Shorty" fun from Scary Movie without being too over the top. Marlon, please accept my appologies.
  2. Scarlett was a bad ass. The motorcycle chase was really well done. It was necessary to suspend disbelief (especially when similar trading of paint landed moi in the ER), but it was more realistic than a lot of its movie/cgi counterparts.
  3. Love the 9th Doctor as Destro. Loved The Mummy as Zartan.
  4. The Corbra in-fighting was really accurate, I think. Cobra always had problems in the cartoon with power struggles, but it was less cartoony here. Let's face it; you get a bunch of megalomaniacs together and they will all want to be boss.
  5. Some nice fan service that was not too heavy-handed.
The Bad...
  1. The end with The Baroness. Cheap shot, I think.
  2. The big underwater dogfight a) was too Star Wars-y and b) did not seem to be underwater.
Worth watching as an action movie. Fun and stupid popcorn munching fare. I don't regret paying to see it in the theatre.

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