Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Han Solo is a bitch!"

Okey, I hate to say it, but I just saw Fanboys. I also hate to say, "meh."

I liked it. Don't get me wrong... I just had some problems with it.

First. You know, it kind of made Star Wars fans look like assholes. We have numerous SW fans here, none of which strike me as such. But I got a very Randall Graves vibe from them in the movie.

Second. I was eight when Episode IV came out. These guys were twenty-four when Episode I came out. I was a big SW fan and lived through the initial SW mania. These guys were not even born when Episode VI was in theaters. Did SW really effect that generation as strongly? Perhaps my younger readers can enlighten me?

Third. I would hope... Hope that anyone so nerdly about Star Wars would not be so against people equally nerdy about Star Trek. Brotherhood, my friends. Nerds, geeks, dorks, lend me your ears! Whether it is "Wars" or "Trek" it is still "Star" — can't we just hate on The Lord of the Rings in unity? (I am totally kidding)

Now, one thing it did do for me was make me remember a lot of other movies from the time, but most particularly Flash Gordon and The Black Hole. These oft-forgotten classics can be a point where the two sides meet, as they borrow from neither. I plan to watch Flash Gordon this weekend, and am heading over to Amazon to look for The Black Hole.

So, in closing, I will say neither "live long and prosper," nor "may the Force be with you," but rather "go, Flash, go!"


kenchan13 said...

i agree completely.this film didnt represent me as a fan or nerd.the only part i found really funny was the luke/leia bro/sis argument.they should have worked on their writing and not cameps.wait,skywalker security dressed like the cops from thx 1138 was pretty funny as well.

Unknown said...

FREE ENTERPRISE is a much better film dealing with SF nerds, specifically STAR TREK but it is well worth seeing even if you're not into TREK.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@kenchan13 - thx 1138... Oh! I was wondering why they looked like the T-2000. My bad :-)

@J.D. - I'll have to check that out.

I wouldn't tell anyone to not watch Fanboys - I just hoped it would be better.

Also, the part I forgot to mention, as long as they were getting all American Pie sappy at the end, couldn't they have just made the two sides get along?

Thomas Pluck said...

I enjoyed this film, I saw it at NYC Comicon. I loved the SW films as a kid and saw the originals all in the theater, so yeah it was a little odd how young the guys were now that I think about it.
It's not great, but it was good fun.
And the Boba Fett douche at the end is my cousin :)

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Tommy Salami - That is funny. Do people call him "that Boba Fett douche" now?

aironlater said...

I was certainly unsure of this movie before I watched it. And even while I was watching it, I got this sense that the characters were overtly "assish", but then realized that that is what the movie is predicated on. The stereotype of the Trekkie and the SW geek are lore in many areas of the US, so why not play up that meme within the context of the movie. I'll admit that I was quite the SW fanboy myself prior to Episode I coming out, and was willing to defend it with every fiber of my soul. But by the time Episode II came out I realized how much these films sucked. The beauty part of this is you get that vibe during the final piece of diaologue in the movie Fanboys.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@aironlater - I think Episode I drove me to Star Trek. Between EpiI and Lucas constantly remaking the originals (digi enhance, and whatnot) I just wasn't feeling it any more.

I was never aware of Star Wars geeks on the Fanboys level. I was really put off by all the costuming prior to Episode I, I thought "why are they trying to be Trekkies?" When I saw "The Undiscovered Country" about 90% of the audience were in costume - and it was just another movie. I guess I should have learned of them from Clerks? Nice that Smith and Mewes snuck into the film, BTW.

Rich said...

I enjoyed it for what it was, but it was a bit flawed. Still, pretty good fun.

Oh and if they were twenty-four when Episode I came out, in 1999, then they were born in 1975. Plenty of time to see the three originals at the movies.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Rich - Yeah, that is my math duh for the day. Still have the scrap in front of me :-) I guess they were just old enough to enjoy Return properly.

joe ackerman said...

I've still not seen it. I keep meaning to, but, you know how it is. . .

not to pre-judge, but I kinda get arsey when anyone disses out the nerds, doesn't matter whether they're Star Wars or Star Trek, or even Lord Of The Rings; you know, if you know everything about ACDC and go along to all the concerts in a schoolboy outfit, then you're a fan, but if you know everything about Star Wars and go along to the films dressed as Obi Wan, then you're a nerd. I can't even remember exactly how many times I saw the first Star Wars film when it came out, but it was well above the twenty mark. leave them nerds alone!!!

that said, Free Enterprise is chuffing hysterical!

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Joe Bloke - I dare say anyone too into AC/DC is a nerd, along with anyone who knows all the players from the '84 Bears, but right, society does not see them as such.

I don't think the movie intends to dis anyone, but Trek fans do appear to be incredibly lame and Wars fans seem a bit douchey. It is a fact of life, unfortunately, that nerds are cruel to other nerds. If you are in IT, then you know how big of jerks we can be — I'll include myself in that statement. Though I strive to be better I will often dis other IT people when confronted. Turn the other cheek should be my motto :-)

I think nerd-on-nerd "violence" is often seeded in the fact that nerds have such a hard time of it growing up. The cool kids are dicks; therefore being a dick is cool; therefore if I am a dick I am at least cooler than you; is often the logic.

Maybe this film is more important than I thought, considering the debate it has stirred so late in the game :-)

Unknown said...

I hope we aren't implying here that you had to be alive when A New Hope hit theaters to be a real Star Wars fan because I wasn't born yet. Also, growing up I was a Star Wars fan since as early as I can remember but I never had any dealings with Star Trek fans because in my school there was only 1 "Trekker." When LOTR came out I didn't see it...oh wait...I still have never seen any of them! I guess I'm not an official nerd! lol. As for Fanboys, I think it went through so much development and getting pushed back and edited and reedited that it wound up being subpar. Kristen Bell and the Willow references made it worthwhile.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I guess that was what I was looking for - how big an impact did SW have on the youngins out there? :-) I don't know that I would have gotten into it without seeing it in the theatres, but I guess I am not that into it now.

We didn't have any Trek fans in my high school that I remember; certainly no one who dressed up. I came to Trek through the wife, who grew up on TNG thanks to her Dad, and she brought me to it through Voyager. Actually, the first couple Trek movies did not hit me very hard, but they could not compete with Lucas for sheer merchandising power.

As for LotR - I do have a Randall Graves/Clerks II view. I fell asleep on the first one in the theatre, and have seen bits of the others on tv, but could not tell you which I was watching. As for Willow, I think that is a really underrated film. Anyone who disagrees is a Peck! (kidding)

One thing I can definitely give Lucas & company is that they avoid too much fan service. The Trek movies always harken back to their glory days, but there were more Trekkers/Trekkies around at the time. My only real complaint is not feeling like Obi-Wan was the bad ass we all knew he was - oh, he was a bad ass in Epis I-III, but I wanted to see something more (Obi-Wan was my favorite character, he was after all, the only hope).

My intention is not to dis, but to better understand :-)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I loved it! The rivalry between trekkies (or trekkers) was one of the funniest parts of the movie. I loved that the whole movie is peppered with dialogue straight from all the films. The cameos were priceless, although I thought a George Lucas cameo would have been the Cherry on top. SCruffy nerfherder was the best!

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