Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hell Ride (Larry Bishop, 2008)

I picked this one up at Wal-Mart after seeing the trailer. Michael Madsen, T&A, violence... How could I pass it up?

Not a great movie; a good movie. A little hard to follow the story at times, but visually it was very cool. They took some chances trying to make a smart biker movie. It is worth watching if you like any of the things I listed as my personal draws.

The story revolves around two rival gangs; The Victors and The Six Six Sixers. The Sixers killed a woman attached to The Victors in 1976, and Pistolero (Larry Bishop), leader of The Victors, has made it his life's work to get revenge. There is a lot of mystery regarding who knew what, who was responsible, and who everyone is. There are some clever parts to it.

BTW: I hope everyone can recognize "The Deuce" below. That is a pretty famous right eye ;-)

The trailer:

Gratuitous butt-shot. Sue me.


Unknown said...

Yeah, this was a fairly entertaining, refreshingly un-PC flick. Plus, it is always nice to see Michael Madsen Method-acting the hell out of every scene.

wiec? said...

i'm glad to read at least someone out there thought this was an entertaining movie. not the best film ever but not totally awful either.

Larry (son of Joey) Bishop made a lot of cool biker movies back in the day. look up the Savage Seven if you get a chance.

Unknown said...

Thanks! yeah, I'll have to check out SAVAGE SEVEN. I do enjoy a good biker film and there some good ones in '70s thanks to AIP and Roger Corman.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I'll have to check Savage Seven out. I like it when films don't glorify bikers. 1%'ers are pretty ruthless people ;-)

Anonymous said...

The QT factor kept me away initially but I'll check it out.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Man, am I stupid. I spent 10 minutes looking up "QT Factor" (Did he mean QT Inteval? Thats on an echocardiogram, isn't it?) - Finally the light hit me.

Actually, there is not a lot of Tarantino too it, I don't think. Maybe a bit of the feel, but perhaps he just thought Bishop had a good movie to help get made?

Keith said...

I enjoyed it. It was the greatest movie ever, but still a fun movie to watch. It was great to see the cast. Plus this was the last thing I saw David Carradine in.

Anonymous said...

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