Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Premature (comic)Book Review: Grimm Failry Tales, volume 4

I think we all know I am not a huge comicbook fan, but I have my moments of weakness. I saw that Alex Sim-Wise was interested in this one, so I got it from Amazon. Well, I guess people's tastes vary.

This comic sells itself as a dark, sexy version of the original Brothers Grimm stories. Unfortunately, it is a crappy Tales from the Crypt sort-of rip-off. Dark, yes. Sexy, not so much. The story involves two women (sisters?) who have magical powers and can put people into fairy tales. This is the perfect example of why I am not into comicbooks; the cover is a million times better than the contents. The dialogue is pretty awful, and the art is fair at best.

Do yourself a favor and skip this series. If you really must see it, I'll send you my copy gratis.

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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Yeh these really let me down too. Wish all the thought put into the covers and making them erotic and edgy went into the storytelling. These tales/characters can support all sorts of weirdness or smut.

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