Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weird Verification Words

I didn't have something clever to say about all of them (or perhaps any of them, depending on your point-of-view :-)

Being nice, as a hologram.

Implies sometihing is more effed up than another thing.

It ain't ovatill the fat lady sings!

"where my aunt went to school" - via Iasa

An alien probing device.

A devil's daughter.

The inside of a corndog.

Should be a Baroque Dead Can Dance song.

Euphemism for the French art.

A train that makes you vomit.

Sound you make when eating gymeas.

Not quite flerg-worthy, but getting there.

Henry Winkler's character in the next Star Trek movie.

One of the not-so-great Old Ones.

Duh, a Thundercats' enemy.


iasa said...

untscula is obviosly where my aunt went to school.

I am laughing so hard st Phronsi

cerebus660 said...

My untscula's feeling effier than ever today...

Word verification: "threcod" : Not a great fishing trip?

Nathan said...

Isn't Oxivess a product that Billy Mays was hawking? And the Yalingwa and Unwati are two enemy African tribes.

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