Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dragonborn Miniatures

Since I have been playing D&D again, I have been getting into miniatures once more. Dragonborn are particularly hard to find. Reaper Miniatures has a few good ones.

03403: Na 'Kaat, Female Half Dragon Paladin: I have this mini, as it was the only one I could find at the time. It is a good miniature, and needed very little cleanup. The right hand is detached, and the mini comes with a sword and axe. The pieces fit together nicely with a hole and peg, so with a decent glue it is no problem to attach. I used Loctite® Super Glue Ultra Gel, which is one of the better ones I have tried. The sculptor is Julie Guthrie.

03436: Dragonman Warrior: This one I have not seen up close. Reaper's previous dragonmen were more half-dragon, in the Dragonlance style, as they all had tails. I cannot tell if this one does, but it does not appear to. The sculptor is Bobby Jackson.

Last, and yet to be released, is "Golanth" by Julie Guthrie. He appears to be very much in the dragonborn style, and joy-of-joys, has a mace. Hopefully he'll be released soon and grace the gaming table as my cleric Scorch, who is in terrible need of a representational mini.

I general, I like Reaper's minis a great deal. As mentioned before (in comments) the scale is a bit odd at times, and they are definitely larger than the official D&D miniatures, but for looks they are rarely beaten. My only real problem is the bases. Reaper used to put everyone on an oval base with the same general grass pattern. Obviously, this gets boring, but the miniatures would always stand up. Now, the bases are often different from mini to mini, and thin. They demand to be put on a seperate base. Frankly, I would prefer them to be slot based like their Warlord line, or Games Workshop. Then it is easier to either fill the slot and self-customize, or break off the slot and base the mini on a wooden disc, or other base.

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