Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Miniatures!

Okey, thought I'd post a few more. There might be a flood of them over the comming weeks. Tell me if it gets annoying. I won't be offended.

First up, Varkaok Elfslayer, also from my History of Impiltur. The mouth is the whole paint job. The mouth, to me, is what makes Varkaok so ugly. This a a Reaper Minis Dark Heaven miniature.

This one I may have bought for the nudity, but I am posting because it is one of my better skin tone jobs. I forget who makes this mini.

Last, an old Basic Dungeons & Dragons mini. He is some sort of plastic resin like the D&D minis we are all getting used to. I tried painting him to match the one on the box. It was pretty close.

That's it for now. More minis to come.


Shon Richards said...

That is a fantastic skin tone job. Mine never looked that good.

Darius Whiteplume said...

Danke! She's a bit washed out looking, but not too bad. Love the Frazetta style the sculptor used. Not sure I understand the single boot though :-)

Chad Thorson said...

Nice! I really like the paint job on the orc. Too many people paint orcs too bright green, this skin tone is perfect!

Isn't Reaper fantastic?! They're kind of the new Ral Partha. Although they tend to be inconsistent with their scaling.

Keep 'em coming, I plan on taking more pics of mine too.

kenchan13 said...

nice paint job.i just finished painting all the figs in my DOOM boardgame.after i applied the paint i did this "dip" method with wood stain it adds a nice "depth' to the colors.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Atomic Kid - I do like Reaper's stuff, but very true on the scale. They do the best undead and most out-of-left-field stuff (the Tiki Wood Golem, or Troll Matron with Baby, come to mind).

Glad you like the skin tone. I forget what color it was, or if I mixed my own orc flesh.

Thanks kenchan.

I did not do the dip too much, but used washes. Eventually I just started doing layers of color. Some minion types I would dip, just to knock them out quickly. It is a good method.

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