Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Night Visitor

There are many things one might want to know about me. Well, perhaps "many" is an overstatement? Just in case you are wondering, "what does Darius think of frogs and toads?" Fret not, for an answer is here. Darius loves frogs and toads.

Frogs, toads, spiders, bats... Anything that rids the world of a few more tiny flying nuisances is ay-okey in my book. Here is a toad that lives near our house. We shall call him "Timmy."

Nighttime, flash-free photography is a challenge when you have an impertinent tripod. Timmy is a tad fuzzed, yet his beauty remains evident. Huzzah, monsieur Timmy! Good hunting, mon ami!


Lockwood said...

I tend to agree; anything that causes the death of flies and mosquito is Okee-dokee by me. My cat, oddly enough, completely ignores flies, but I've seen her jump over four feet straight up to get at moths. Moths seem to have enough sense to stay out of my face, and I harbor them no ill-will. My cat and I seem to have drastically different opinions on the value of various insects.

Or maybe moths just taste better.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I am a moth fan as well. They are responsible for a bit of pest removal as well, if I have my facts straight. :-)

Maybe cats like them because they look like a toy on a string? Cute and cuddly as they are, cats are still predators.

Wings1295 said...

Have a few frogs/toads around here, but Timmy looks huge!

Darius Whiteplume said...

Yeah, Fayette'Nam is like Africa. Tons of flies, ants, and mosquitoes. I am surprised there is not a ton of malaria :-)

Keith said...

I've got a few frogs that love to come out at night on my front porch. I pretty much see them every night.

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