Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pinky and Your Brain

Once upon a time, Reaper Minis had the license to produce Doom miniatures, based on the 3-D First Person Shooter. You remember Doom, right? Well, I got a set of three imps, and one of the big pink demon.

Obviously, the main thing about Pinky is that ridiculous maw. He is all mouth, and it was enough to make you crap your Space Marine tighty-whiteys! I always found it funny that he was Pepto-pink. Such a calming color for so deadly a monster.

I do love the job Reaper did on this sculpt. It is more horrific than the game (granted, the game was 16-bit), and they really exaggerated the maw. I decided to give him pupiled eyes, rather than the yellow shark-eyes from the game. I think it's scarier that he is looking at you. More malicious.

Oh, and here is an Imp. Not so hot, and he's the best of the three :-)

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Unknown said...

any chance you could sell the pinky demon to me?!?!??!???! im a huuuuge doom fan. PM me at

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