Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Shotgun Blast of Tiny Babes

No real rhyme or reason to this post, or most of the minis contained.

First, the "Thief of Hearts" by either Ral-Partha or RAFM. And that really was the name on the box. I thought she was so cheesey looking that she demanded an anime styled paint job, thus the pink leathers. Kinda Sailor Moon, if you ask me.

Just some sorceress. I alway have trouble getting blonde right Being blonde that may be ironic?). What I loved though was the dress. It was so simple/plain. I painted a Dodgers blue base coat, then a coat of Tamiya clear blue over it. Acts as a wash, and makes it kinda silky looking.

I have no idea where this nun came from. I think it is from an Australian company. I ordered a bunch of minis for something like UA$25, and is came out to be something like US$8. Yeah!

This was a Mage Knight sorceress. I thought she looked like a drow and painted her that was. So now she is a Drow Matron, with some ugly looking staff.

I love this one. It is by Copplestone Castings in the UK (Future Wars minis). They do some awesome stuff. I have ordered a few times from them, and there stuff is great and shipping to the US is not too steep. I dubbed her the "Biker Hoochie" and made her base look like old crappy road. The beer bottle was made with a piece of clear acrylic rod which I heated, stretched, and cut to length. Then I drilled a hole on the bottom and painted the inside with some clear yellow to make it look like beer. Nothing difficult, but the effect is great. Now that I look at it, that is one big-ass beer!

Another Copplestone mini. I modified her slightly (forget how) to make her look like Abbey Chase from Danger Girl. I don't know why, but I remember being very into toadstools as base design for a while.


The Vicar of VHS said...

Don't suppose you'd be interested in selling that nun, would you? I...kinda need it. :)

Great stuff, as usual!

Ratimir said...

The nun is actually from a British company, Ground Zero Games (probably best known for their space combat game Full Thrust). It's one of around a dozen figures in their Nuns With Guns range.

If you bought it from an Australian website, it was probably Eureka Miniatures.

Darius Whiteplume said...

@Vic - Sorry I completely missed your comment. You still need it?

@Ratmir - I did get it from either GZG or Eureka. I have been out of the mini world for a while and lost all of my links. Thanks for the reminder.

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