Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary Movies: Twins of Evil (1971)

The second of the Karnstein films is easily my favorite: Twins of Evil.

This film features Mary and Madeleine Collinson as two girls who lose their parents and must leave Vienna to live in a backwater town under the care of their religious nutbag and witch-finder-general uncle, played beautifully by Peter Cushing. He in no way approves of the girls, or any girls really, and hopes to make an example of local libertine and future vampire Count Karnstein.

The Collinson twins are fairly notorious Maltese born Harrison Marks proteg├ęs and the first twin Playboy Playmates (October 1970). They are identical, but do a surprising job of being identifiable. One is prim and scared of her lunatic uncle, the other is wild and desires nothing more than to be with the virile Count Karnstein.

In this film Count Karnstein is my favorite vampire ever. Damien Thomas plays him like Adam Ant playing the Marquis de Sade playing a vampire. He is arrogant and haughty, decadent and degenerate, beautiful and foul. All due respect to the Collinson's beauty, Damien Thomas is the reason to see this film.


Keith said...

Great post. I love these type of movies. Plus anything with Peter Cushing in it is right up my alley.

Unknown said...

wow, it looks like I'll have to check this out.

Mickey Glitter said...

I'm with Jay on this one - this sounds pretty entertaining!

Snipes said...

This is actually the 3rd and final film in the series. Lust For A Vampire is the 2nd. It's also a prequel to the 1st film, since this where Count Karnstein becomes a vampire in the other films he already is one. I haven't watched the entire film yet but so far I enjoy it.

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