Friday, December 25, 2009

Giftmas Rundown: "Hera! Give me strength!"

You know what is more fun than making a Giftmas list? Getting things you want off of it!

Giftmas item #1 is going to be much loved, and perhaps inspire jealousy amongst my nerdy compatriots. That gift is...

That's right. The complete series. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Fifteen DVDs and ninety-one episodes! It is even in a swanky lunchbox-style tin holder.

We watched the three-part Secret Origins episodes that showed how the Justice League came together, sans, of course, the Batman.

Oh, I do love the Justice League. You know I don't read comics, but I do love me some super heroes, and this show(s) is amongst my favorites.

Next item up? A Jersey favorite. Wanna hint? "I wanna dip my balls in it!"

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